FocusCare® Historian

Data and trend tracking software to improve patient care

FocusCare® Historian is West-Com’s most advanced web-based data reporting software. Designed to provide users with important call reports based on patient and staff member activity, FocusCare Historian can help staff identify important trends and track drastic changes for a single bed, multiple beds, all beds for a selected master station, or all beds in the facility. By using Historian’s customized filter system, these reports can be generated based on multiple factors including: Patient Request, Response Time, Staff Members, Bed and Patient Information. These filters also help eliminate unnecessary data from reports, which enables the user to obtain specific information in a professional format. Reports are produced in full color for professional printing and for fast and easy information recovery on the screen.


  • Reports may be generated for a single bed, multiple beds, all beds for a selected master station or all beds in a facility

  • Specific call type(s) can be designated for reporting

  • Filters allow users to efficiently obtain data that meets their specifications

  • Historian allows users to produce patient-specific reports

  • Users have the ability to view saved reports

  • Select time ranges for reports, including date/time with calendar