Mini-Master Station (NCM-FCL)

Quality patient care at your fingertips

The Nurse Call Mini-Master Station combines everything great about the full-size Nurse Call Master station into one slim, space-saving package.

10.4” touch screen

  • Optional graphic floor map displaying all rooms assigned to the nursing unit

  • Displays all calls

  • Large descriptive buttons and animated graphics for simple functionality

  • Access to staff reports and assignments

  • Access to patient information

  • Full messaging capabilities

IPC-3 Computer

  • Windows XP Embedded operating system and FocusCare license

Interactive phone

  • Full duplex audio and voice communication from master station to patient stations, staff stations, staff duty stations and other master stations.

Synched control lights

  • Lights embedded in the master bezel alert staff to important situations.

  • Providers can select customized audio files for specific notifications and emergencies

The Nurse Call Mini-Master Station is highly customizable to meet all nursing units’ individual needs.