Novus® Dome Light with Audio (NV-DOME/A)

Providing visual and audible alerts to a patient’s status

The Novus Dome Light with audio capabilities (NV-DOME/A) provides an immediate and clear visual and audible notification of a room’s status and needs to staff members. The LED colors available for this product include: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, turquoise and violet. The NV-DOME/A easily mounts to the wall for increased visibility from all angles. It is used exclusively with the NV-SPS1 (Single Gang Full Duplex Audio Patient Station) and uses a 5-pin Panduit header to connect the audio cable to the patient station.


  • Multiple NV-SPS1 devices on a single dome light have audio daisy-chained on station via 22/2-pair shielded cable and data daisy-chained with CAT-5e cable

  • Includes 2-pin header for normally open dry contact closure connection

  • Bezel and lens covering is identical to NV-DOME

  • Cable connections:

    • Special Orange cable “IN” and “OUT”

    • CAT-5e to NV Device

    • Audio cable to NV-SPS1