Novus® Emergency Station (Novus® and 2000 series)

A system that works for you in critical situations

Eliminate unnecessary confusion in critical situations with the Emergency Stations (Novus and 2000-series).  Staff members can rely on WestCall Emergency Stations to send quick and clear alerts to their teams complete with a call-assurance LED light confirmation that lets the staff member know the call was placed.  Each emergency station has a color-coded Sealed Membrane Active Raised Tactile (SMART) switch that clearly states its function, including a large, highly visible switch to ‘CANCEL’ the alert. The simple-to-operate SMART switches are infection-control-friendly, fire-retardant and easy to clean.

Emergency Stations are designed for use with the WestCall Novus, Odyssey and Endeavor systems.

Available faceplates:

HELP (red), STAFF EMERGENCY (red), EMERGENCY (red), CODE BLUE (blue), CODE (blue), CODE PINK (pink), ASSIST (yellow), CODE WHITE (white), STAFF CALL (white), STAFF EMERGENCY (red) and CODE BLUE (blue). 
Custom color and wording available at an additional cost.

Extra Features:

  • Fire-retardant, high-impact hospital grade molded thermosplastic with inlaid membrane

  • Attractive Lexan membrane (Pantone 1C Warm Grey)

  • Relay output standard on Code switches

  • Easy plug-in connection into the system wiring

  • Solid state circuitry