Novus® LED Corridor Dome Light (NV-DOME)

Novus LED Corridor Dome Light – NV-DOME

More than a light; a patient’s lifeline

West-Com’s NV-DOME provides an immediate and clear visual notification of a room’s status and needs to staff members. Improve the quality and efficiency of your staff’s response with eight customizable colors and 4 different light indication modes.  The NV-DOME easily mounts to the wall or ceiling for increased visibility from all angles.

Custom Colors:
 Long-life, low-power RGB LED lamps display yellow, green, red, blue, violet, turquoise, orange (2nd and 3rd positions only), and white (top and 4th positions only.)

Light modes: Solid, slow flashing, fast flashing, and scrolling indications.

Extra Features: Translucent lens allows maximum visibility in all directions and in high ambient lighting conditions. Built in buzzer for code calls, normal and emergency calls can be distinguished by different visual signals for efficient identifications. Configurable to any type of alarm.

Typical applications: Corridor indication of patient calls, patient waiting, staff calls, emergency calls, code blue and code pink indications. The NV-DOME is compatible with the WestCall Novus system.