Novus® Power Supply Module (NV-PSM)

A reliable power supply is the most critical component of a WestCall system, so our power supply modules ensure that your facility’s operations run smoothly and without interruption. The WestCall Power Supply Modules provide low voltage, current limited power to all signaling units for the WestCall Novus System. All Power Supply Modules include high frequency switching, solid state circuitry, electronic circuit breaker overload protection and a status LED. A UPS is recommended to protect against power fluctuations and outages. Each assembly provides independent replaceable power supplies and a 120VAC power outlet to facilitate plug-in type power connections.


  • Independent replaceable power supplies and 120VAC power outlet to facilitate plug-in type power connections

  • Input voltage: 120 VAC, 60Hz

  • High frequency switching

  • Power cable assembly

  • Header connection strip for ease of wiring

  • Solid state circuitry

  • Aluminum back panel for ease of installation

  • Electronic and circuit breaker overload protection