Novus® Push/Pull™ Station

“Push” for assistance, “Pull” for emergency

In the fast-paced medical environment, it is vitally important for staff members to remain informed so they can provide patients with superior care. Our patented Push/Pull™ Station gives patients the ability to keep staff alerted to how urgently they need assistance. Pressing the clearly-labeled “Assistance” SMART™ switch informs staff members that the patient needs assistance. However, pulling the eight-foot cord alerts caregivers that the patient requires immediate help. The Push/Pull Station also features a large “CANCEL” SMART™ switch that makes it easy to cancel calls. The Push/Pull station is made with an attractive Lexan membrane and is easily setup by a plug-in connection to the system wiring.

There is an optional glow-in-the-dark pull cord available to enhance patients’ sense of security for low-visibility areas. The Push/Pull Station features a clear call-assurance LED that lets patients know their call have gone through and staff are responding.


  • Fire retardant hospital grade molded thermoplastic with inlaid membrane

  • Eight-foot pull cord with tassel for easy grip

  • Solid state circuitry

  • Supports SWPC slave stations