Novus® VIP

A smart visual system for the medical environment

The West-Com Novus Visual Indicator Panel offers staff members a variety of functions to improve patient care within their facility. The conservative, simplified design allows staff to use the system seamlessly and intuitively. The Novus VIP includes a programmable mini dome light, speaker grill, status indicator LED light, mute button, and 32 room indicator windows with a removable faceplate that makes the ID grid easy to alter. It can be installed in the hallway and used as a Mini-Master to inform staff members of patient status or to direct staff to the appropriate patient room. The VIP panel can also be installed as a “stand alone” annunciator in a visual-only system and can operate as a zone light, annunciating broad area call signals.

The system comes with 16 standard tones, however, custom file tones are available upon request. There are also several colors and six flash rates available for the LED and mini dome lights for the Novus VIP including:

  • LED colors: red, green and orange

  • Mini dome colors: red, green, orange, yellow, blue, pink, magenta, light blue, white, and turquoise


  • Processes up to 100 simultaneous calls

  • 4-gang IP-addressable annunciator panel with on-board processor

  • Versatile and customizable call annunciation programming

  • Annunciates up to 16 different call types from up to 64 unique addresses from multiple systems

  • Configurable call priority, illumination patterns and sound via Novus Hardware Config software

  • Compatible with all Novus, Odyssey w/FocusCare and Endeavor systems

  • Unlimited number of NV-VIP devices can reside on a nurse call network