Novus® Visual Corridor Dome Light (NV-VDL)

The Novus Visual Corridor Dome Light is a visual signaling device that provides staff members effective visual alerts within the senior living environment. The translucent, wedge-shaped dome lens, made of unbreakable polystyrene UL94V0 plastic, offers maximum visibility from all directions.

Even at great distances and under high ambient lighting conditions, staff members can rely on its visual alerts to keep them up-to-date and notified of a resident’s status. The Visual Corridor Dome Light can be equipped with up to four sections with one LED per section, which allows for a wide range of light combinations. Through these combinations, staff will be able to clearly differentiate between normal and emergency calls as well as many other complex calls. The NV-VDL can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling, and typical applications include corridor indication of resident calls, staff calls, and emergency indications.

The LED light supports six different colors including: red, yellow, green, blue, violet and turquoise.


  • Can be used with the Novus Visual System

  • Oversized 2-gang faceplate, hospital-grade ABS plastic

  • Color is Pantone 1C Warm Grey