Patient Station with Code Blue (NV-SPS1/C)

Improving patient care with two-way communication

The One-Gang Full Duplex Audio Patient Station with Code Blue (NV-SPS1/C) offers patients full duplex audio capabilities and an easy way to make important calls and send alerts to staff members. It also features a pillow speaker and/or remote speaker that allows for two-way communication between staff and the patient.

This single gang device features unique call assurance tones with an ON/OFF option and allows for seven configurable call types, including: Routine, Code Blue, Cord Out (call override), Bed Pan, Pain Med, Bed Exit, and Bed Out. It also features a unique “CODE” button that helps prevent accidental calls and a “Cleaning Mode” that inhibits cleaning personnel from accidentally placing calls while preparing rooms


  • 1-gang size for easy installation

  • Compatible with all Novus systems and WestCall 10-pin pillow speakers

  • Connects to NV-Dome/A with 5-pin Panduit and RJ-45 terminations

  • Supports Manual/Auto Locating with NV-Dome/A

  • Television and room light control capabilities

  • Configurable Bed Interface (optical inputs available when Bed Interface is not used)

  • Embedded microphone located in membrane and optional secondary, remote microphone

  • Can connect with LDL-1004 dome light for a value-added engineering solution, but some features will be unavailable.