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CliniCare keeps your clinic moving by reducing patient-care cycle delays and sharing meaningful patient, care provider, and exam room statuses.


Keep Your Clinic Moving

Reduce patient care cycle delays and improve patient care satisfaction by optimizing Clinic Flow with West-Com's CliniCare.

Room Status

View the ClinicMap to see the status of the clinic’s exam rooms: available, occupied, or needs attention. The room status is changed through the workflow station or the CliniCare application.


Care Provider Status

A care provider can register themself in an exam room by using the i-Dome® , i-Dome® Touch or i-Status® workflow stations. The ClinicMap displays the location of the care provider.

Patient Status

Patients waiting for the next care cycle are identified and tracked so care providers know which patient to visit next.


Call Devices

West-Com offers a variety of call devices, including patient call, staff emergency, staff assist, code white, code blue, emergency bath pull cords, bath assist and several others. All call stations are supervised and will send a notification if an error is detected.


ClinicCare interfaces with the clinic’s scheduling system to receive the daily appointment information. This information is used to speed up the check-in process and identify patients who are either late or no-shows.


Check-In Kiosk

A Check-In Kiosk allows the patient to check-in for their appointment without having to wait. The reception desk is notified that the patient has checked in and to start the patient-care cycle.

Wireless Devices

As an option, receivers can be located throughout a clinic to detect alarm signals from patients’ pendants, giving patients peace of mind and the ability to signal for help if needed. The wireless system operates at 418MHz, which allows for greater penetration through wood, block, concrete and steel beam walls.

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