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Community Care

Consumerism is on the rise in healthcare. Patients are now viewing healthcare the same way they do other services; they expect a seamless, personalized care experience with minimal wait times.  Wait times in the clinic setting are a burden for patients and have a direct influence on patient satisfaction and their perception of clinical quality.  West-Com & TV, Inc. helps clinics improve patient flow by reducing patient flow delays that occur in all phases of the patient visit.

Patient Wait Cycle

  1. Patient waits in line for check-in

  2. Patient waits for escort to the exam room

  3. Patient waits in exam room for care provider

  4. Patient waits for treatment and/or referrals prior to check-out

  5. Patient may wait to check-out with receptionist or to schedule next appointment

Our CliniCare solution helps manage the flow of patients, care providers and exam rooms using innovative technologies that include check-in Kiosk, electronic information boards and room status stations. CliniCare keeps your clinic moving by notifying staff members and caregivers whom to visit next, where assistance in needed and when a room needs to be prepared for the next patient. This improved patient flow better equips clinics and their care providers to address the individual needs of their patients, allowing for more time to coordinate care with subspecialists, improve communication with their patients, provide behavior change counseling, evaluate quality, and monitor patient outcomes.

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