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Checking Blood Pressure

Patient & Staff Workflow

Patient volumes are rising, yet the demand for efficient, quality care remains constant. Our solutions help you optimize workflows and improve processes to provide the best patient experience possible.

Workflow Management

Our RTLS workflow solutions optimize operational efficiency with real-time visibility and prompts to provide a timely, positive patient experience.

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Home Nurse Making Bed

Clinical Process Improvement

Simply put, healthcare organizations must find a way to create more value for patients with fewer resources. We can help you maximize value while eliminating waste.

EMR Interfaces

Our exam chairs, digital diagnostic devices and real-time locating system (RTLS) are designed to interface with today’s top EMRs to save time and eliminate manual data transcription errors.

Hotline Consultant

Room and Resource Utilization

With real-time visibility to operations, RTLS helps you respond in the moment to optimize room utilization and make staffing adjustments.

Accurate RTLS Analytics

Use automatically collected RTLS metrics to understand overall operations and make data-driven decisions for better processes and better patient outcomes.

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