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Endeavor is a low cost, standard nurse call system designed for facilities with less than 50 beds and minimal call type requirements.


Nurse Call System for Critical Access Hospitals

A typical system includes patient call buttons, bathroom pull cord stations, code blue stations, staff emergency stations, dome lights, nurse consoles, wireless device integration and analytic software. CareBoards™ can also be used in an Endeavor system.

Flexible Communications

Endeavor can deliver messaging communications directly to the user’s mobile device or preferred solution eliminating the need for third party middleware. Notifications and alerts are easily routed and escalated to the appropriate caregivers and can even be displayed on CareBoards.


All-In-One Interactive Nurse Console

West-Com’s Nurse Console allows staff members to view all the unit’s activities at a glance. Each Nurse Console displays a unit map which shows occupied rooms, patient requests and alerts.

Call Devices

West-Com offers a variety of call devices, including patient call, staff emergency, staff assist, code white, code blue, emergency bath pull cords, bath assist and several others. All call stations are supervised and will send a notification if an error is detected.


Room Notification

Rooms and areas that include a call device can also include a dome light to visually notify staff members that a device has been activated.

Wireless Messaging

OneCare includes the ability to send messages wirelessly using a number of popular protocols, including TAP, ESPA, SMTP, SNPP, Fixed Record, SQL, Web Service and more.



The Analytics option records all of Endeavor’s events, allowing reports to be generated showing the time, location or ID of the device that reported the alert. The report can also include alerts from other systems and devices if they are connected to or interfaced with Endeavor.

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