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MobileCare™ is the West-Com® mobile application that actively manages the care team’s patient communications which reduces the number of active calls by providing improved patient response times and increasing direct patient care time. MobileCare allows instant communication when a patient places a call and provides direct-to-caregiver nurse call alerts, staff assignments, and virtual rounding for a seamless care delivery experience.


Simplify Clinical Workflow

Responsiveness to patient call lights is directly correlated to patient satisfaction whereas lack of responsiveness is linked to increased adverse patient outcomes and hospital acquired conditions such as patient falls. And sometimes, it just comes down to perception. Providing patients the ability to speak directly to their caregiver at the time the call is placed, improves perceived response time, and assures the patient their need is being addressed. This can make the difference that ultimately avoids a patient fall.

Active Alert Management

Care alerts are actively managed allowing staff members to clearly identify care requests that require a response. Alerts answered by other team members are automatically removed from the call alert list. This reduces response redundancy and a saves caregivers time allowing them to spend more direct care time with their patients.


  • All current alerts for the user are listed.

  • User can select an alert to access patient details and manage response options.

  • New active alerts will vibrate or play a tone to signal that a new patient call has been received; the new alert will also be added to the alerts list.

  • Resolved alerts are removed from the active alerts list and moved to the history screen.


Answer or Escalate Calls

MobileCare provides the ability to answer or escalate calls directly from a care team member’s mobile phone.


  • Care team members can respond to patient calls via audio or video.

  • Alerted staff can choose to Keep a call in their Active Alert queue or Escalate the call to a team member when they are not able to respond right away.

  • Answered calls are automatically muted at the corresponding nurse station console to reduce alarm fatigue and unnecessary noise.

  • Escalated calls are immediately sent to the appropriate care team member according to the defined escalation path.

Virtual Visits & Rounding

MobileCare integrates virtual patient visits into existing clinical workflow providing caregivers and patients a seamless care delivery experience.


  • Answering routine patient calls with video allows the care team member to see the patient and verify patient request.

  • Hourly rounding can be conducted virtually to reduce unnecessary room traffic in times of isolation or contact precautions.

  • Daily rounding by specialists or providers improve efficiency and allow for face-to-face touch points with patients, even when they are not physically present in the patient room.


Patient Assignments

Care team members can view patient assignments directly from their mobile phone.

  • Access current Assignments and user History through the MobileCare menu.

  • Select an assignment to view additional details.

Alert History

User History shows a historical view of patient calls and care requests associated with a care team member during their current shift to provide care team with comprehensive care visualization.


  • Lists a user’s previous alert activity.

  • Includes overall alert history and bed-specific history.

  • Select a specific entry to view additional call details.


Experience the benefits of MobileCare that positively impact outcomes, increase direct care time, and improve patient satisfaction.

  • Reduced response times to patient call lights.

  • Increased patient touch points and face-to-face care time.

  • Comprehensive patient care visualization.

  • Clearly defined care alert status and assignments.

  • Reduced alarm fatigue and response redundancy.

  • Improved care staff communication and collaboration.

  • Reduced risk of communication errors and care delivery delays.

MobileCare is FocusCare® certified and integrates with nurse call and other hospital communication solutions. No matter the facility, West-Com MobileCare will meet your needs for mobile communications and alerts and will help elevate the care experience your patients receive.

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