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OneCare is both a visual nurse call system and emergency system with optional wireless components, including E-Call pendants, wireless bed sensor mats and text messaging. It is a UL 1069 compliant system and is designed to meet the needs of skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, long-term care hospitals and assisted living communities.


Senior Living Solutions

OneCare provides seniors the freedom to engage in daily life activities while at the same time promoting a sense of security, dignity and control. Wireless pendants give residents and family members confidence that caregivers will be notified and respond quickly if help is needed. Wander prevention solutions monitor and control exit doors, windows and outside gates. Alerts are sent out immediately to caregivers' wireless pagers and two-way radios. An alert is also displayed in the staff area on the electronic alert panel. Wired patient stations and pull cords are used in skilled nursing areas for a UL 1069 compliant system.


OneCare’s Touch Screen Display Panel is a simple, easy to read wall mount screen that displays all patient requests, staff calls and residents’ pendant presses. No computer is needed to operate the OneCare nurse call system.


Call Devices

West-Com offers a variety of call devices, including patient call, staff emergency, staff assist, code white, code blue, emergency bath pull cords, bath assist and several others. Motion detectors are also available and can be configured to report movements only during specified hours. All call stations are supervised and will send a notification if an error is detected.

Room Notifications

Rooms and areas that include a call device can also include a dome light to visually notify staff members that a device has been activated. The dome lights are LEDs and are available in the standard format or as a sconce.


Wireless Messaging

OneCare includes the ability to send messages wirelessly using TAP (Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol). Messages can be sent to pagers, wireless phones or two-way radios capable of receiving TAP messages.

Wireless Devices

Receivers located throughout a community detect alarm signals from resident pendants, allowing residents the freedom to move about the campus and feel protected. The wireless system operates at 418MHz, which allows for greater penetration through wood, block, concrete and steel beam walls. Each receiver network is designed to fit the scale and needs of any resident community.

Wireless fall pads are also available for use in beds, wheelchairs or anywhere you want to be notified when a resident or patient moves.



The report option records all of OneCare’s events, allowing reports to be generated showing the time, location or ID of the device that reported the alert. The report can also include alerts from other systems and devices if they are connected to or interfaced with OneCare.

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