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Patient Entertainment

Today's in-patient experience demands more. Stepping out of the digital world for a hospital stay feels like stepping back in time. Hospital grade smart TVs are a key component of patient satisfaction -- and a multifaceted tool for improving patient engagement.

Keep Them Engaged

  • Improving Health Literacy -- on demand condition-specific health education modules at the touch of a button

  • Empowering with Information -- secure access to health data, test information, and care progress.

  • Keeping Patients Engaged -- movies, music, relaxation content, apps and games ensures patient stimulation and activity.

Patient Education

Make education a key component of every patient's care plan. When connected to your learning library, patients and family members can access videos specific to their condition, care, and health goals, and even monitor their progress in their health education journey.

No More Cable TV

With access to their own streaming service accounts, patients are able to personalize their favorite Entertainment. Netflix, Hulu, Cinemax, Amazon Prime, HBO and more are all included.

Seamless Integrations

EMR | Education | Experience | Communication

Online Ordering and Requests

Make patient meal ordering and bedside requests easy, seamless and efficient with just a few clicks.

Engaged. Entertained. Informed.

Transform your patient rooms into an interactive learning and entertainment environment.

Learn More

Request a virtual or in-person demo to experience how West-Com & TV is connecting technology is connecting healthcare to technology, vision, voice and value.

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