FocusCare® Call Display Terminal with IPC-5 (FC-CDT2)

The FocusCare Call Display Terminal with IPC-5 serves as a communication hub for the nurse call station, providing information access, patient calls, and emergency alerts through one concentrated device. Calls can be filtered from any controller or through the central terminal. The terminal’s 19-inch screen monitor allows for easy call/list management for patients and staff and provides visual call display and sound (audio handset not included). Staff information can be sent from another master station or entered manually. The terminal connects to the Nurse Call network via Ethernet.


  • Configurable call priority determines order of call display

  • Mute button can only be activated once a call is received; all new incoming calls will produce sound

  • Can interface with paging system(s) to send alert pages to staff members

  • Uses same .wav files for call tones and call priority ordering as a FocusCare master station

  • Patient information can be provided from the Data Manager via ADT feed or can be manually entered

  • Use with the WestCall Novus, Odyssey with FocusCare Ver. 1.1.8 & Endeavor systems

  • Software runs on a durable, fanless IPC-5 computer attached to the back of the monitor

  • Compatible only with FocusCare Ver. 1.1.8 platform