FocusCare® WhiteBoard

Replacing old-fashioned grease boards

The FocusCare® WhiteBoard displays current status information for a set of beds in your facility to maximize the organization and time spent to respond. It is designed for hallways or nursing areas where a large screen monitor can provide current assignments, patient status information and various other custom selectable fields. Any changes (bed assignments, staffing, patient info, bed availability, etc.) made through the web interface, FocusCare® masters, ADT or other methods have the ability to be reflected on the White Board display.

With the optional Stryker iBED interface, the FocusCare® WhiteBoard can display information directly from each bed, including: bed exit, brake, side rail, fowler, bed height alarms.


  • Customizable data display

  • Customizable colors, fonts, and views

  • Viewable on high resolution wall-mounted displays (not included)