Lighting the way to a professional environment and superior care

West-Com’s patented i-Dome® was specifically designed to drastically improve patient care by providing a more effective alert system. The i-Dome® offers medical facilities a professional, clean look and uses color-coded lights and buttons that are clearly visible from a great distance. It meets all HIPAA regulations and ensures complete patient privacy while providing critical information and alerts to the appropriate staff in just a single glance.

Through its interface with the nurse call system, patient bed and wireless devices, the i-Dome® can be programmed to alert staff to a variety of clinical conditions and patient needs such as pain management, documentation and reassessment checks, as well as identifying “at-risk” patients to reduce the number of patient falls. Staff can activate timers to visually remind them when it is time to reassess a patient’s medication and can be instantly alerted when there is a change in a patient’s bed status.

The i-Dome has a clear LED light and three configurable Sealed Membrane Active Raised Tactile, SMART™ switches, which can display a vast assortment of colors in a customizable array of light assignments. These switches can be customized to suit your facility’s needs and are easy to operate and clean and are infection-control-friendly. The i-Dome® operates independently and can function alongside any existing nurse call system providing clinical environments with a simple, yet powerful way to improve patient care.


  • Can be configured to display patient or room status

  • Indicates status from other devices such as beds

  • Entirely stand-alone (not dependent upon a nurse call system)

  • Fully customizable web interface

  • IP-based system running on CAT-5e cable

  • Multiple LED indicator light color options: red, green, blue, violet, yellow and turquoise

  • Supports multiple states and can cycle between colors to show multiple status levels