Novus® Optical Isolated Jack (NV-OIJ)

The Novus Optical Isolated Jack comes equipped with a “Cord Out” alarm that alerts staff when a cord is disconnected, as well as a cancel/override button which eliminates the need for dummy plugs. Each faceplate also has a unique graphic for simple identification of each of the three individual jacks.

Each jack is software configurable for:

  • ‘Latching’ or ‘Momentary’ operation

  • ‘Disabled’ or ‘Enabled’ status

  • Call input and value type

  • ‘Call Cancel’ function when port is configured for ‘Latching’

  • Call delay settings to help reduce ‘false’ calls or to accommodate ventilator machines


  • 3 standard 1/4″ phono sockets for a medical device input or call cord

  • Multi-color status LEDs for each jack quickly indicate port state