Novus® Visual Patient Station (NVV-VPS)

Instant staff alerts at the patients’ fingertips

The Novus Visual Patient Station allows patients to send instant alerts to staff members when they need immediate assistance. Patients use a call cord to signal for assistance, and a call is automatically placed when the call cord is removed from the station’s phono receptacle. The single-gang Visual Patient Station is ideal for busy medical environments and is designed to be used with the WestCall® Novus® and Novus® Visual Systems. When used with the WestCall ® Novus ® Visual System, the NVV-VPS must be used in conjunction with the NV-VDL or NV-VDL/4. The NVV-VPS also features a SMART CANCEL switch that is infection-control-friendly and easy to clean.


  • Includes standard 1/4” phono receptacle for use with a call cord, CC96-030, or CC144-100

  • Highly visible LED indicator to assure that a call has been placed

  • Fire retardant high-impact hospital grade molded thermoplastic with inlaid membrane

  • Attractive Lexan membrane (Pantone 1C Warm Grey)

  • Solid state circuitry for long life and reliability

  • Easy plug-in connection into the system wiring