NV-iBED™ and WC-BED Connectors

Keeping your system connected

With the NV-iBED and WC-BED connectors, patient hospital beds gain the capability to successfully interface with the following WestCall Novus patient stations: the NV-SPS1, the NV-SPS2, and the NV-DPS2.

The NV-iBED includes a CAT-5e/RJ-45 receptacle (including interface license) to support Stryker iBED awareness features, such as bed height, brake, rail, and fowler. Cable requirements: 22/12 (Calls); CAT-5e (Awareness and NV connection).

The WC-BED is a simplified version of NV-iBED and allows for standard 37-pin operation with no iBED capabilities or CAT-5e port. Cable requirements: 22/12 (Calls); Optional 22/4 for additional light control from bed.

Additional Features:

  • 12-pin Panduit conductors terminate on associated patient station for standard functions

  • Devices have cord out override feature to eliminate need for dummy plugs

  • Dual-color LED indicator provides current device status, such as standby mode, bed connected or bed disconnected