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Asset Tracking & Management

Asset tracking and management solution for healthcare includes a variety of purpose-built asset tags, CMMS integrations, and easy-to-use software tools for comprehensive map and list views, robust reporting, and immediate alert notifications.

Cloud-Based Asset Tracking

RTLS Simplified—Rapidly deploy and scale RTLS across your health system while reducing the IT burden on your local network. Benefit from the efficiency and scalability of one login that reveals real-time asset tracking data across multiple facilities. Simply plug in BLE sensors and tag equipment to reduce search times for nurses and improve patient care.

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On-Premises Asset Management

Track assets and proactively manage your equipment inventory with real-time data using the RTLS on-premises platform. Increase equipment utilization and lower capital expenditures while ensuring assets are where they’re needed, when they’re needed, improving the timeliness of patient care.

Retrospective Data

RTLS not only provides data in real-time, but collects data for retrospective analysis. Use RTLS data to uncover insights about equipment workflow and utilization to make data-driven decisions for procurement and process improvement.

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Change Management

Insights from RTLS data combined with expert advice from our Customer Success team provide a powerful catalyst for change. Operations Evaluations and Analytical Services help improve equipment workflows and create a better experience for both patients and caregivers.

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