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All-in-one, simple to use, and easy to deploy wireless nurse call solution for emergency preparedness and overflow space conversion.


Set Up in Under 5 Minutes!

West-Com’s Wireless Emergency Call Kit is an all-in-one, simple to use, and easy to deploy solution that allows patients to call for assistance by pressing a button on their wireless pendant. Caregivers are notified of the call on the desktop digital call display or directly on their pager.

The Wireless Emergency Call Kit comes pre-programmed and includes:

  • (1) Preprogrammed digital call display

  • (24) Wireless pendants (waterproof) with neck straps

  • (2) Wireless transceivers

  • (3) Power supplies

Emergency Preparedness has Never Been Easier.

The West-Com Wireless Emergency Call Kit is a resource that every hospital needs on hand, ready for rapid deployment when the unexpected emergency hits. Easily locate your bright orange go-kit and convert provisional space to a patient care area with a nurse call system in minutes. It is also the perfect solution to have on your shelf when call lights fail – now you don’t have to allocate resources for an in-room sitter or close down the patient room altogether. Your back up call system is ready in minutes!

Perfect Rapid Deployment For:

  • Emergency room overflow and patients in hallways when the ED is at capacity

  • Call light system failures

  • Field hospitals

  • Converting provisional space to a patient care area

  • COVID-19 emergency tents

Digital Call Display.png

Unexpected Outages

Unexpected emergencies and equipment outages can wreak havoc on care staff and biomed & engineering teams who must activate back-up plans instantaneously while not interrupting care for patients. Whether your need is temporary due to a healthcare crisis, or seasonal due to illnesses like the flu, patients must have a way to contact their caregiver easily and reliably.


West-Com’s Wireless Emergency Call Kit is a pre-programmed system that anyone can set up in minutes and is the easiest, safest, and most efficient answer to this long-standing problem in hospitals.

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