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Level Up Communication In Your Care Environment

Today's life safety and healthcare communication technology isn't just about alerts and alarms... it's about efficiency, workflows, safety, patient satisfaction and staff retention. It's a lot to ask, but we've got you covered.

West-Com Connect Nurse Call System

Digital Workflow tools and digital signage make communication practical, efficient, and highly effective.

Innovative Communication Platform

West-Com's Connect is a VoIP, PoE nurse call system that provides a unified foundation for communication, collaboration and safety initiatives in any healthcare environment.

With seamless integrations, advanced caregiver workflow tools, direct patient-family messaging and more, Connect ensures all care team members stay coordinated, engaged and focused on delivering outstanding care.

Completely customizable, West-Com's simple yet powerful nurse call system can become the center of care for any care area.

West-Com Interface Capabilities Include:

  • EMR

  • ADT

  • Hospital Bed

  • Staff Directory

  • RTLS

  • Staff Scheduling

  • Patient Engagement Styems

  • Third-Party Middleware

  • Wireless Devices

From pillow speakers to pull cords to analytics and more, West-Com's nurse call technology covers the entire spectrum of care, offering customization, scalability, and modularity to suit diverse needs and changing priorities.

Purpose-Built Nurse Call Solutions for Behavioral Health

  • Designed specifically for high-risk environments.

  • The ONLY purpose-built behavioral health solution on the market

  • Ligature-resistant fixtures and devices

  • heavy-duty stainless plates with 11-gauge faceplate structure

  • Flush-mount dome lights

  • Tamper-proof screws

  • Embedded Microphones

  • Security locks

West-Com System Advantages

  • NO Mandatory Recurring Licensing Fees for West-Com System Software

  • NO Mandatory Service Contracts

  • NO Middleware

  • NO CHARGE for Technical Training for the Life of the System

  • LOW Cost of Maintenance/Repair

  • ALWAYS an Upgrade Path

  • SCALABLE Enterprise Solution

  • GUARANTEED 4-HR Local Response

  • 24/7/365 Support

  • Nurse Call Hardware Made in the USA

Learn More

Request a virtual or in-person demo to experience how West-Com technology is revolutionizing the healthcare environment.

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