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Services That Extend Beyond the Product Line.

West-Com & TV, Inc.’s factory trained and certified technicians understand the sensitive and complex nature of healthcare environments. Installation schedules are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the facility’s workflow and patient census while maximizing efficiency. All technicians receive ongoing skills and systems training, along with required annual training related to working in healthcare environments.


West-Com & TV, Inc. has over 35 years of experience designing nurse call systems that meet the needs of our healthcare customers. Each healthcare facility has unique challenges, ranging from building constraints to patient safety concerns. Our clinical discovery process provides the necessary framework that will help identify the healthcare challenges and initiatives for the nurse call solution to address and solve.


West-Com & TV, Inc. provides customer and technical support 24 | 7 | 365. Our Technical Support team is based in Fairfield, CA, and our Service Technicians are all employees of the company. On-site emergency response times are guaranteed, day or night. All West-Com manufactured components come with a five-year standard warranty.


The implementation of the technology solution is often done in phases to ensure that all staff members understand how to utilize the technology within their daily workflows, and fully utilize the powerful tools available to make their jobs easier and help them achieve their care outcomes. West-Com & TV, Inc. provides training for all staff once the installed system is live. Our goal is to ensure that all users understand the system design, features and benefits, and are comfortable with how to incorporate and use the new technology in their daily routine.


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