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Acute Care

Our advanced technology offers the most engaging and comprehensive communications platform on the market for the Acute Care setting.  Our products are designed around the pillars of Patient Safety, Patient and Family Engagement, Communication and Collaboration, Workflow & Staff Efficiency, and the Patient Experience. 

Patient Safety

Our highest priority is improving patient safety. A patient who is in a hospital for a four-day stay may interact with fifty different employees, including physicians, nurses, technicians, and others. Keeping team members, the patient and their family members informed regarding the patient’s care plan, status, precautions, allergies, ongoing treatments and medications improves the patient’s safety and healthcare quality. West-Com’s solutions are designed to facilitate patient care continuity and safety for all involved with the patient’s care and help protect patients from errors, injuries, accidents, and infections.

Patient Falls
Medical Errors

Patient & Family Engagement

Engaging patients and family members in their healthcare can lead to measurable improvements in safety and quality of care, but it can also present challenges. Caregivers need the right set of tools and resources that allow them to successfully implement and sustain engagement initiatives.

Higher HCAHPS Scores
Better Health Outcomes
Lower Healthcare Costs

Communication and Collaboration

Ineffective communication significantly impacts patient safety and the quality of care provided. The Joint Commission reveals that communication failures were implicated at the root of over 70 percent of sentinel events. Our innovative technology facilitates better and faster communication among care teams, which in turn drives better patient outcomes.

Staff Communication
Staff Satisfaction
Response Time

Workflow and Staff Efficiency

A strong communication infrastructure is crucial to ensure patient safety, streamline workflow, increase patient satisfaction, improve patient engagement and retain experienced caregivers. Our effective workflow tools encourage patient engagement, collaboration, clinical best practices and staff communication.

Care Reminders and Requests
Patient Satisfaction

Patient Care Experience

A hallmark of our technology is that it facilitates treatment, care and communication while prioritizing and preserving the dignity of the patient and respect for their care experience.  

Information and Education
Respect for Patients’ Preferences
Continuity and Transition
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