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Hospital Corridors

Staff Duress

Healthcare workers face an increased risk of violence. Meet Joint Commission Standards for monitoring and reporting violent incidents and support the safety of your staff with the industry's most accurate and reliable RTLS safety solution. Use in high-risk areas such as the ED and behavioral health units or scale the solution throughout your entire facility.

Don’t let inaccurate information delay response times to staff emergencies

RTLS solutions that rely on Wi-Fi or estimated location technologies can lead to location inaccuracies and unreliable network communications. During a staff duress event, it is crucial that the alert is immediately received by the system and that time is not wasted sending assistance to the wrong room or floor. The Joint Commission states that exposure to workplace violence can impair effective patient care and lead to psychological distress, job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, high turnover, and higher costs.

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Sonitor RTLS badge.png

The most reliable wireless staff safety solution for healthcare

Staff badges are equipped with wireless call functionality that discreetly summon help via the wireless network. During an emergency, staff simply press on their badge and the application instantly communicates the identity of the staff member and the precise location of the emergency.

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