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West-Com Novus Connect Nurse Call

Novus Connect is a VoIP, POE Nurse Call system designed especially for Acute Care facilities. It offers healthcare organizations powerful tools to improve and facilitate communication, collaboration, workflow, and patient safety. Facilities with our West-Call® and Novus® systems can upgrade to Connect without replacing patient room devices. Call us today to find out more.


All-In-One Interactive Nurse Console

West-Com’s Nurse Console allows staff members to view the unit’s activities at a glance. Each Nurse Console displays a unit map that shows occupied rooms, patient requests, alerts, and staff members’ locations. It is simple to answer calls, send caregiver requests, and make staff member assignments using the interactive touch screen. There is no need for a second monitor or device at the nurses’ station. The Nurse Console also plays tones when requests or alerts are placed, using the standard volume level during the day and the reduced noise level at night.

Flexible Communications

West-Com delivers voice and messaging communications directly to the user’s mobile device or preferred solution eliminating the need for third party middleware. Notifications and alerts are easily routed and escalated to the appropriate caregivers and displayed on CareBoards™†.

Caregivers can talk directly to their patients from either their mobile devices or the Nurse Console. Unlike some other nurse call systems, every patient room has a dedicated VoIP connection to help ensure that caregivers’ calls into patient rooms and bathrooms are not blocked. Novus® Connect’s flexible design allows the system to operate in either a centralized or decentralized state.

† Patent Pending


Sophisticated Integrations

West-Com’s bidirectional interfaces provide caregivers with a complete, unified view of meaningful information needed to make data-driven decisions. Novus’ platform connects patient-care information by unifying previously isolated patient-care data sources into one patient-care record. West-Com applications can then request and selectively extract relevant information from a patient-care record and use the information to improve patient safety, communications, and workflow. West-Com interfaces with most healthcare information systems and devices, including EMRs, ADT, hospital beds, staff directories, RTLS, staff scheduling, patient engagement systems, third party Middleware and wireless devices.

Enhanced Workflow Applications

West-Com’s nurse call applications dynamically interact together to provide staff members with actionable and timely information that supports healthcare organizations’ patient-care initiatives, such as reducing preventable medical errors, preventing patient falls, patient rounding, engaging patients and family members, involving patients with their care plan, identifying potential dissatisfied patients or staffing concerns, and many others. Workflow stations improve interdepartmental communications, remind care providers of critical tasks and provide digital signage for patients’ precautions, allergies and status.


Smart Patient Room Communications

Each patient room includes a dedicated network connection and room controller that monitors the status and state of all patient room devices. It also ensures that all messages, alerts, notifications and audio have a direct path in and out of a patient room to the appropriate destination without being blocked by another room’s activity. Healthcare organizations can design the patient room around their needs and accept messages from wired or wireless bed connections, medical devices, smoke and fire alarms, RTLS, pillow speakers with Direct Request® and other patient call devices such as blow calls and pressure pads. Clear audio is heard in the room over the patient station and bathroom audio station, and each room can include call devices such as Code Blue, Staff Emergency, Staff Assist, Code Pink, Bathroom Pull Cord, Bed Return, and other call types. All room devices are connected to the room controller via a network cable. Each room controller includes LED lights that notify staff of a room’s status and alerts.

Advanced Analytics

West-Com’s advanced analytics is a web based application designed to compare results, track trends and identify potential areas of patient-care concerns. Information can be displayed as a live dashboard or as a report that is configured to meet users’ specifications. Multiple reports can be configured, saved and delivered to a user’s inbox at pre-determined times. Clients with SoundHealth® can view noise level analytics on the units and inside patient rooms. There is no limit to the number of users.


Cybersecurity and Safety

West-Com employs cyber security safeguards as part of Novus® Connect. The system authenticates and authorizes users using a secure integration to the Hospital System’s directory services and uses the information to provide secure, single sign-on credentialing for staff members. All of Novus® Connect’s internal and external network connections are protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and West-Com ensures that all unnecessary operating services are turned off to prevent any backdoor vulnerability.

West-Com conforms to UL’s Cybersecurity Assessment Program (UL 2900) and continually works to identify and resolve any of Novus® Connect’s vulnerabilities, weaknesses, malware and security controls. All software security updates and patches are communicated directly to the healthcare facility and made available at no charge.

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