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Real-Time Information

Digital whiteboards enhance unit efficiency by providing real-time information on patients, rooms, statuses, alerts and alarms.

The Big Picture

EVS Dashboards are a game changer when it comes to seeing the big picture regarding rooms, statuses, requests, and availability. Facilities love working smarter... not harder.

Fully Customizable

Fully customizable, digital patient whiteboards can set your facility apart when it comes to patient-centric care. Patients love knowing where to look for real-time information about their care plan and their care team.


Consider your digital whiteboard the gateway to multifaceted care with an integrated virtual care solution.

Virtual nurses and providers appear right on the screen for virtual consults and virtual visits.

Learn More

Request a virtual or in-person demo to experience how West-Com & TV is connecting technology is connecting healthcare to technology, vision, voice and value.

No more "whiteboards." Way more information.

Seamlessly integrate data from your EMR and other data sources with digital whiteboards for critical and timely updates that keep patients, family and caregivers engaged and informed about all aspects of patient's care and the care environment.

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