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West-Com Technology Sets Sail in Mercy Ships’ Newest Hospital Ship

A testament to West-Com’s partnership with Mercy Ships — a nonprofit organization that provides life-saving surgeries to vulnerable populations worldwide via hospital ships — CEO & CTO Paul Langstroth recently visited the site of its newest and most advanced ship, Global Mercy (GLM), in Tenerife, Spain.

Scheduled to launch in February, the 500-foot ship is fully equipped with West-Com’s Novus® Connect PoE hardware. The system supports more than 100 patients using nothing but lights, buttons and an embedded controller, meeting the nonprofit’s demands for a self-sufficient network without server infrastructure or third-party dependencies.

West-Com funded all R&D expenses for customizations, support, training and commissioning in Tenerife, as well as developed a unique “Follow Me” light system for GLM. Once a code is deployed, this feature instantly triggers a series of dome lights that guide staff on the quickest route to the emergency.

With six operating rooms, six wards, and separate clinics for ICU, isolation, outpatient, radiology, dental and crew, these alerts are critical for getting volunteers to the right place at the right time.

As West-Com continues strengthening its partnership with Mercy Ships, its advanced systems will play a vital role within the organization. Plans to implement CareBoards, consolidated alarms and other innovations are currently in development for future fleets.

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