• With a West-Com & T.V., system, you will never get left behind!

West-Com is the leading supplier of state-of-the-art healthcare communications systems.

West-Com offers the most sophisticated nurse call system on the market today. The West-Com® Focus Care III has the ability to interface with any computer based or dry contact equipped piece of equipment on the market.

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Team Profile

Jonathan Peters, Vice President

Jonathan has been selling the West-Com product line since 2003 throughout California, Oregon and Nevada. He became Vice President in 2009 and oversees both the sales team as well as the installation office. Jonathan is an active participant in the product development committee which is geared toward increasing West-Com’s ability to meet the end user’s needs.

He also focuses on providing healthcare communication solutions including but not limited to clinics including the Design of clinic flow systems, infant security, staff/asset location, and wireless devices.

Project Team

Tiffany Kraft

Rhett Smith

Bryan McFarlane

Matt Kraft

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Installer Team

Terry Dance

Eric Gastelum

Joe Sevilla

Jered Doremus

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